Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moving (again)

After months of searching, we have finally found a new apartment. It meets Tina's basic criteria:
- closer to Mike's work
- downstairs
- washer/dryer hookups
- green space nearby

It also has some bonus features, like:
- More space!
- perilously close to a major, international airport!
- POOL on site!
- 2 bathrooms!

Yes, each of those qualities required an exclamation mark.
Zeke checks out a box
The big move is on September 25th. This move will be better than the last because we won't have a less-than-4-week-old baby, we got the biggest stinkin' Uhaul that they offer, and we're not moving a fridge, washer or dryer. Even though there is significant benefit to moving as often as we do ("purging" and "downsizing" are terms that we embrace), I'm hoping that we stay in this new place for two solid years. It would be the longest tenancy of our marriage.


Hi Lowe! said...

boo. and yay! boo because we will MISS YOU!!!!!!! and yay because it sounds perfect for you!!! We will be moving shortly after you I guess it's sort of ok. =) Jenilee

luke&whit said...

Did you ever read The Best Nest? It was a childhood favorite. I hope this new place will be your "best nest." Count us in for moving help!

Nicole said...


I remember when we helped move you into this apt. I think that it would be in your best interest to not watch some of your furniture come down those stairs, as it was pretty nerve racking to watch them go up. We will have a soccer game that day but I would love to watch Zeke if you need someone to.

Luke said...

Well you can count me in. I love moving you guys. I hope there will be Costco Pizza. I also hope we can move you in to the new place in about 45 minutes like we did last time. Oh good times.

ol' Bob said...

On the subject of your name poll, you didn't include Edward.