Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everybody Out!

We keep several friends in Zeke's crib, to keep him company during naps and in the night. He sleeps with the Dinosaur,
Snowman, Poohbear, Smurf and Piggy. Of these, Poohbear is the most loved and Piggy is frequently pushed into a corner and forgotten.
Somedays Zeke has trouble falling asleep. His communication is limited, so he tells me how upset he is by throwing everything out of his crib, including the binkies. See below:
I've told him repeatedly that this is counterproductive - he has even more trouble falling asleep when the binkies and Poohbear are out of reach - but he persists. The new fear is that one day he'll decide to go after them.


thisismike said...

Ah, what a funny little boy.

In the name of science, I experimented during one of his recent naps. See, sometimes he throws out everything but Poohbear and one binkie.

My hypothesis was that he threw everything out of the crib because there were too many things in the crib, and that he would might lose track of how many binkies he had left since he starts with 4 in the crib.

My experiment required that he start his nap with one binkie and Poohbear, nothing else.

The experiment was a failure because he threw them both out and then cried. I had to return the purloined paraphernalia after about 10 minutes of crying.

Robert said...

Thanks for the funny story...
It certainly looks counterproductive to throw all that stuff out.

love, Mom & Dad