Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Because we know that Memorial Day is not just a day for grillin' and good times, we went to the beach on the Saturday before Memorial Day, along with hundreds of other folks. The water was cold and the sand was hot and Zeke loved every minute of it. Mike was a good Dad and took him out in the water, and they went a bit further out than I would have liked.

On Memorial Day proper we attended a flag raising, visited family and friends, and decided that next year we need to be more involved in meaningful activities. I was determined to remember to observe the 3pm moment of silence, but I was busy being a mom and forgot all about my resolve until late that night. Next year will be better.


thisismike said...

Yes, we must be more involved next year in the actual remembrance and celebration of members of our Armed Forces.

Also, he's such a cute boy!

ol' Bob said...

But we'd rather have you spend time visiting us.