Friday, June 25, 2010


At 12:48pm today, Zeke sustained his first significant head injury.
Just look at that ugly mug. That's a peanut butter smear on his face near the mouth, but it's the freshest shot of his growing black eye.
We were in my bedroom thinking about which park to go to, and Zeke was playing with his neato toy shopping cart. He thinks he's a climber so he climbed into the shopping cart, which he often does so he can whimper until he convinces someone to push him around the room for a bit. So he's in the toy cart but he's not positioned the way he wants and he keeps fidgeting. I'm sitting on my bed watching everything, maybe three feet away. I saw the cart start to lean forward and I heard the thud as Zeke's face, specifically his eye, landed square on the corner of my nightstand. Awesome Ikea particle board.
(The offending nightstand corner, now protectively taped by Mike.)
After 20 minutes of crying and several unsuccessful attempts at wiping away the blood and icing the impact, I convinced him to calm down by taking him outside, giving him a binki, fruit snacks, and turning on the garden hose.
The doctor said there will be a small scar under his eye, but the wound is very neat and was sealing itself very well. She put this piece of tape on the two gashes and told us to leave it there until it fell off on its own. That's it.
Now we just have to think of an awesome story to tell everyone at church.


Hi Lowe! said...
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Hi Lowe! said...

Oh. That's really sad. I'm sorry! If I think of a good story for church, I'll let you know. I can't think of one right now... =)

Sarah has a good gash-scar above her eyebrow from when she got impaled by a puzzle piece. It happens!

Robert said...

We are so sorry that Zeke got hurt.
That 1st picture is a shocker!
We hope he heals quickly.

Love Mom & Dad

Luke said...

Its about time we begin toughening up Jag for his future in Wild Boar Hunting.