Monday, May 3, 2010

Zeke goes apartment hunting

Mike and I have talked about moving since he started his new job with PubliclyTradedCompany. We originally told our ward leaders not to expect us after April 30, and, well, that was a little rash. Here it is, May, and we still live in CityByTheBeach, and we're mostly happy here, except that I hate the stairs that lead up to our apartment. If anything will motivate me to get serious about apartment hunting, it will be those stairs.
Well, last week I fell down those cursed stairs (just a little bobble on the second to last step) and I got serious about moving. I made an appointment for us to look at an apartment that very night. Here is Zeke checking out the kitchen:
We're learning that compromise is the name of the game. Upper level apartments are not okay, but townhouse style apartments are. A dishwasher would be nice, but is not a requirement. And we've expanded our geographical search. Maybe I'm getting used to the idea that an hour commute (one way) is normal for folks who live where we do.
Zeke checks out another kitchen:
One thing I'll never get used to is the price. I never thought I'd pay so much each month for something I'll never own.


The Larsens said...

we are coming out to your area in june. i would love to see you if you can swing it.

Hi Lowe! said...

I'm sorry about your fall!!! Hope you are ok. Good luck looking for a home! =) It looks like Zeke is having fun!

ol' Bob said...

Your stairs are evil. I'm glad it was the lower end of the run and not the upper end, and that you weren't hurt.