Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sleeping Titan

This is a rare photo - the sleeping Zeke. We read that the appropriate safety precautions for a baby who is walking include lowering the crib to its lowest setting and removing the bumper pads from the crib. I lowered the crib myself yesterday morning while Mike was out - it was a proud moment. Not only did I manage to save the crib from harm, no fingers were pinched in the process and Zeke and I got to practice sharing with the screwdriver. I was very sad to lose the bumper pads - Zeke has a habit of sleeping with his face mashed up in a corner, hugging the pads with one arm. It was very cute. But he seems to be doing fine without them.
We also started experimenting with independent feeding. The past two nights we gave Zeke the bowl and spoon and encouraged him to feed himself. He is very pleased with this new adventure; I am not. We will set up the tripod next time and get some sneaky-sneaky video coverage.

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