Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Fun Video

'nuff said.



Cristy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's SO FUN! Way to go Zeke!
Soon he'll be running away from you at malls and in parking lots. Just thought I'd give you something to look forward to! :) Love you all!

ol' Bob said...

Wind him up, pick a direction, and let him go.

Hi Lowe! said...

wowee! =) Hooray for Zeke! I didn't know he was that close to walking!!! That is a super cute video too! He looks pretty happy to be able to walk! I like ol' Bob's comment! funny!

renée said...

Ha ha, his falling down at the end is the cutest. What a great way to end the video.

thisismike said...

What you can't see is that I moved off camera so I could trip him .

Well, okay, I didn't really do that.