Sunday, January 31, 2010

Self Feeding

See the spoon in his hand? We're very proud of that. Z is getting pretty good at walking now, and he's getting up to a pretty good speed. The craziest part is that he likes to push stuff around - not because it helps him walk, just because he likes to push stuff. A few nights ago we were walking around Target and he was "pushing" our cart while I controlled things from the front. Whenever we walked past an interesting isle he would stop pushing and go check things out, then come back for more pushing. He stopped at one isle and tried to go push someone else's cart around.
We're still waiting for more teeth.


thisismike said...

The spoon is a lie.
The spoon is a lie.

He's so cute, even covered in gross green globs.

Tina reports that another tooth on the bottom may or may not be emerging. Details to follow.

Robert said...

Maybe Zeke will work in a grocery store gathering carts from the parking area and pushing them back to the store. These talents show up early.
Love Dad