Monday, October 19, 2009

Ready to Walk

Z has gotten really good at crawling but he is most excited about standing up. He will pull himself into a standing position using anything handy - stable or unstable. He also "walks" along furniture once he is standing up, especially if there is a piece of paper or a shoelace to motivate him. And the falling down part? No problem. We cheer when he falls so he won't be scared, but every now and then a legitimate owie occurs that gets better with a little love and lots of distraction.Yesterday Zeke went to Elders Quorum with Dad. There are so many small children attending our Elders Quorum that they put the chairs in a circle and put the children inside the circle to contain them all. (Sometimes I think they do this for entertainment as well.) Yesterday Zeke crawled around and tried to eat all the shoelaces of the men sitting in the circle (wish I had a picture!), and he used several pant legs as helps to stand up. Mike said that anytime he got a little nervous he would look back at Mike for reassurance and Mike would whisper "Come here..." while wiggling his finger. Zeke would laugh and then try harder to get away from Daddy.


Robert said...

Looks like Zeke will be a musician!
Love Mom and Dad

renée said...

That little finger wiggling and Zeke trying to get farther away is going to be less cute when he actually does learn to walk... and then run...


Barbara Jackson said...

Seems to be growing up so fast!!!

ol' Bob said...

Run, run as fast as you can!
You can't catch me!
I'm the super Zeke man!

Just looking ahead.

You actually posted a picture related to Legos? Does this portend a weakening of your condemnation of a certain family's Lego obsession?