Saturday, October 17, 2009

Da Beach

Last night we went to the beach near our house for the very first time. It was lovely! Mike made a cool summer salad for dinner (yesterday was hot!) and we ate on the pedestrian path near the pier. Zeke ate applesauce and stars. He's crazy for stars.We walked around the pier and all the crazy, upscale shops close by and wondered how it was we came to live in such a place. Zeke was good in his stroller for a long time but he was most happy when we got him out and Mike carried him around in the front carrier. (Thanks for the loan, Nightingale and Khan!) I wish the picture wasn't blurry, but this was the best smile my camera caught:


ol' Bob said...

Some day we'll go there.

That soda can in the first picture... Dr. Pepper?

Tina said...

Diet Pepsi. And that's the orange light of a setting sun. There were no clouds that day so Mike was it was useless to take pictures of the sunset.

thisismike said...

I only have one correction to make: the path was not pedestrian. In fact, it was anything but ordinary. It was lined with multi-million $$$ houses that seemed mostly empty. There were occasional benches and a long cement step where many people had stopped to look at the (not as impressive as it could have been with clouds) sunset. It was extraordinary, which is to say, not pedestrian.

We had a great time.

ol' Bob said...

Pedantic semantics. I approve.