Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last Sunday we traveled to Hometown again, this time to visit with the Westside Crew. It was a very noisy gathering. Z had a good time playing with Legoman's duplos - he gleefully pulled blocks out of the storage container and tasted each one. Some were worthy of additional tasting time, others were not. Z almost always has his mouth open nowadays:
(Forgive the red eye.)
Z also thought that Princess Pea was very interesting. He wanted very much to mash her face and I had to keep alert to stop that from happening. Princess Pea is only 2 months younger than Z, but two months is a big difference at this age.
Z has become a bit of a momma's boy lately. I am secretly pleased that he wants me to hold him and love him, but I am also determined to attend more play groups so he can get used to being around other people.

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