Friday, October 17, 2014


One afternoon I was searching for a quick and easy recipe that Zeke could make with minimal adult interference.  I found this caramel apple recipe that called for four ingredients - apples, caramel candies, milk and sticks.  It was even better because there was a video demonstrating how to make the apples.  Zeke watched it twice and decided he was ready.  (Truthfully, it had an automatic replay and he is bewitched by screens.)
In addition to be very willing to sample the caramel candies he unwrapped, Zeke did an amazing job.  He liked best using a big kitchen knife to make a slit in the apple for the sticks.  (He improvised this step, the recipe didn't call for it.)

At the end of it all I had a very sticky kitchen, a sticky floor, sticky chairs, sticky table, sticky children, and a big pool of caramel on the wax paper instead of the apples.
Turns out, children don't like eating apples on sticks - it's much too difficult and, well, sticky. 
Lesson learned, pictures taken - never again. 

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MWilson said...

Try a different thing with simple ingredients. How about muddy buddies?