Monday, October 27, 2014

Bad School Day

Today was not so great and I wanna make sure I remember:

1.  Not every day will be great.
2.  He probably learned something anyway.

We did this math exercise where I gave him a ruler, a regular ruler, and I called it a stick.  We each gave a "guess" about how many sticks there were between the house and the garage and we wrote our guesses on the dry erase board.  Then we measured.  He moved the stick and I marked each length with sidewalk chalk.  Then we counted.  The real number was 24.5 "sticks" and his guess was 12 "sticks".  My guess was 22 "sticks".  I asked him which guess was closer to the correct answer and he said his was.  I asked him a different way and he repeated that his guess was still the closest.
I thought about what his answer meant for my math lessons and said, "Let's go play Monopoly."
When we sat up to the game board and he took the dice to roll.  Without prompting he paused and said, "I told you my guess was closer because I wanted to win.  I know your guess was closer."
Then he rolled, counted the dots on the dice, and reminded me that he was owed $200.

[Insert:  Picture of Zeke with lots of Monopoly money and devilish grin.]

PS  My camera battery needs charging and I can't find the charger.  Just one more thing I lost in the move.  I'll probably find it the day after I order a new one.  

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