Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dear LEGO,

I recently put together one of your StarWars sets with my 5 year old son.  It was a "microfighter"set, rated for ages 6 through 12 and it contained 97 pieces.
I do not know how I survived the experience.
I have failed in my attempts to convince my son to throw away everything your company has ever made.  Therefore, here are my suggestions for improving your product:

1.  Stop making different colors of grey.
We had four different shades of grey in our box of bricks, which meant that even when I found the long-piece-with-four-bumps-and-a-knobby-part-on-the-end, it was useless until I found it in the darkest shade of grey.
2.  Please restrict yourself to only 20 different shapes of bricks.
Maybe things won't look as slick, but I promise you - your customers, and their parents, will suffer fewer headaches and/or tantrums.  

3.  Make your instruction booklets so they self-destruct after the first construction.  


Renée said...

Or, wait until Aunt Renée comes over to put the sets together--that one I had done in like 5 minutes. I'm guessing Grandma or Grandpa Wilson could probably help too, if you didn't want to wait for me. ;o)

What is Zeke so grumpy about?

Tina said...

Zeke is grumpy about the microfighter. He threw at least 7 tantrums while we were building it. Something about, "that's the wrong piece, Mom! This is taking FOREVER!"

ol' Bob said...

We can help! :o)