Friday, September 5, 2014

Be grateful for what you have...

This is the last picture of me taken before I fell:

Ben took that in our backyard just yesterday and I think he did a great job.
Today I fell while I was playing a chase game with Lily.  I landed splat on my face, without using my arms or hands to soften the blow.  My chin and front tooth seem to have taken the lion's share of the impact.  The dentist said that the bruises and scrapes will heal but the tooth is a "wait and see" injury.      
I'm not ready to have a new picture taken just yet.  Maybe tomorrow when the bruises have more color.  


Renée said...

Oh my gosh. This is terrible. Is the tooth cracked? Oh, I'm so sorry. :o(

whopper said...

That is terrible! You do get extra points for being the fun Mom though.... I feel like a good Mom when i'm just sitting on the floor with them. haha. I hope it heals fast! !