Tuesday, July 1, 2014

And the borrower is servant to the lender

Well, we finally did it. We bought a house. And while we realize that hundreds of people buy houses every day all around the world, we're still in awe that we bought a house. Or maybe we're in shock.  We're not really sure.


It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom single family home built in the 50s and remodeled about 10 years ago to expand the master suite and build on a very large garage in the backyard.  There are an assortment of fruit trees in the yard, which we've been enjoying. The street is relatively quiet, and about 2 blocks from an elementary school that we hope we can get in for next year. The kitchen is nicely done. Overall, it's a great fit for us, and even better since we didn't need to do much before we moved in.


There is an apple tree in the side yard (variety unknown) that has been producing quite well for us, and we are happy to share a few near the top with some birds. There is an avocado tree that's coming in okay. We're told this is the first year that it's producing, so we look forward to trying the avocados. There is a satsuma tree with wicked sharp thorns and delicious oranges. We have a big scraggly pomegranate tree with a handful of blooms transitioning to pomegranates. There's another apple tree with plenty of green apples that should start turning around pretty soon. There's an orange tree with a pretty serious white fly infestation, but the oranges are still good. And a lemon tree in the front yard that we mostly ignore.
The start of a pomegranate
The rest of the trees are less interesting. One tree is the "stick tree" because it's pretty much dead, but we get to use the branches for sticks to sword fight. One tree looks like it might be a short peach tree, but we're not sure. We'll have to wait and see what comes in. The last tree looks like someone grafted two different types of trees together, and we have no idea what's going on with that one. 

Finally, there's a nice large elm tree in the backyard that we used to set up a tire swing. It's a nice big tree with lots of shade. 

Tire swing and boy


We're very happy with our new house, and are still working on moving in. I think we know where most of the things are, but there are still plenty of boxes to work through. We've met most of the neighbors, and they're all very nice. We look forward to having folks over to visit with us, play in our backyard and maybe enjoy an apple or two.

Fun times in the backyard