Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Week at Grandma's

This past week we spent three and a half days at Grandma E's house.  She has air-conditioning and a trampoline so there was plenty to do.  We brought our bikes and the boys far and wide in the still-too-hot morning hours with Grandpa.  We ran through the sprinklers and even went swimming in Grandma W's pool (who, alas, was not home.  She was sorely missed.  Me swimming with three dare-devil kids is just asking for trouble.)
One morning we even invaded Aunt Nurse's house and had a tea party with a cousin.  She's the same age as Lily so it was really cute.  They fought over the same toys, had the same attachments to baby dolls and tricycles and insisted on equal treatment at the tea party table.  Grandma will probably be getting a bigger tea set from us for her next birthday. 
The boys were ready participants in the tea party too, and they also liked climbing trees and digging in some dirt at a nearby park. 

We're half-way through the summer and kindergarten is just around the corner. (yea!  no!  help!)

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