Tuesday, May 28, 2013


After the boys go to bed, we usually get some time to play with Lily and remember how fun it is to have a baby.  She's holding her head up pretty well now, for several minutes at a time.  She's also smiling now, which is lots of fun.  

Isn't she cute?  No need to respond.  I already know the answer.


Cristy said...

I know you already know the answer, but I must agree that she is ADORABLE!!! And thank you for having a redhead, since I wasn't able to get in on that action myself! Love her! Love you!

Hi Lowe! said...

hahaha about the still kicking post!!! boys are fun! :) I like the silverfish response too. ;) And.Lily.is.BEAUTIFUL!!! She has sooo much hair! I think even more than Isaac! :)