Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pioneer Day

I've given some thought to how Pioneer Day ought to be celebrated, if it is supposed to be more than a stake-wide barbecue.  I've seen a ward celebrate it as a recognition of genealogy, inviting members to tell the story of how they personally, or any ancestor, learned about and accepted the gospel.  I've also seen a ward celebrate in true Utah colors - celebrating only the successful journey to the Salt Lake Valley and honoring the sacrifice of those who walked the plains.  
Our celebration this year was awesomely secular.  
Zeke got his face painted:
 Ben ate a giant slice of watermelon:
 And we had a squirt gun fight on the front lawn.  
Ben got the worst of it because he could only push the trigger with his thumb while the gun was turned about facing the wrong way.  Zeke and his pump-action soaker gun didn't help either.  


renée said...

This made me smile. :o) You have very cute boys.

Hi Lowe! said...

lololol! poor Ben... hahah! :)

Robert said...

Your family is brilliant... we love those boys! Both very cute!!

Love Mom and Dad