Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dress up

Somewhere in one of the library books we borrowed a story came up about dress-up.  I've never told Zeke about dress-up, and I certainly didn't teach him how to play, but he managed to play anyway.   

One random Wednesday, Zeke came to find me and Ben with two gigantic socks on his hands (and arms and shoulders).  He told me they were Daddy's socks and that he was playing dress up.  I followed him into my bedroom and watched him assemble incredible outfits while pulling most of Mike's clothes out of their neatly folded positions in the drawers. 


Hi Lowe! said...

haha! That is cute!!! I like his outfits! And he is a good photographer! Wow!

unicorn girl said...

I might be able to set you up with some dress up clothes.