Tuesday, May 8, 2012

These are the fun times

We were in the grocery store waiting in line to check out.  Ben was strapped into his stroller so he couldn't get away from me, the groceries were on the belt and Zeke was running around touching things and trying to get a large water cannon out of the summertime display.
Ben grabbed a skittles package from the candy section which was perfectly in reach for him.  He held it up and babbled things at me.  I said, "No, Ben, we're not buying that, please put it back."
Then I stepped back and yelled, "Zeke!  I can't see you!  I need to hear a 'yes, mama!'"
I waited and then I heard a faint, "Yes, mama!"
Good enough, I thought, and I turned to look at the cashier.  She was moving the divider and just about to start scanning my items.
Then I heard a dozen little clinks, followed by dozens more clinks and I saw Ben waving an empty red wrapper.
The people in line behind me gave several reactions - all of which annoyed me.
I took a deep breath, looked at all the skittles on the ground and said, "Zeke!  I need you to come find me!"
Then I took the wrapper, gave it to the cashier and said, "We'd like to buy this too.  And, could you ask for someone to come with a broom?"
The lady in front of me, who was gathering her bags to leave said, "These are the days.  What wonderful children you have.  I have two kids - they're much older now - and I remember how fun it was when they were little like that.  Of course, then something like this happens and I think, I'm just fine where I am."

If the man with the broom came, I'll never know, because the cashier and I got on our knees and picked up every skittle.  And Zeke threw a fit when we threw them in the garbage and didn't even let him eat one.

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renée said...

You rock, Tina.

I try to make it a point to smile (nicely) at people with kids when I'm in the store, at the park, on an airplane, etc. Usually I'll make a few silly faces at the kids too, if we're standing in line or something.

I don't understand why people have to get upset or react when kids act like kids--like the parents aren't stressed enough already. You handled the situation well.