Sunday, May 20, 2012

Broken Table : advice?

Today our heavy dining room table broke.  It is probably one of three decent furniture pieces we own so disposal is not an option.  Replacement is not an option.  The table must live on.

Here is a picture of the break:

With the leg that broke off:

In context with the rest of the table:

And here is the proposed fix:

The plan:  We drill a big hole vertically, screw in a think bolt and support it with lots of wood glue and an ugly metal brace to be installed on the side.

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Proposed amendments to the plan?  The floor is open for debate, but not for long.


Mike Erickson said...

I think we should throw it all away. Or let Mike buy some more tools.

Robert said...

If we all agree that it is broken... we should try the repair... when the repair doesn't work... throw it away!
Love Mom & Dad

ol' Bob said...

You don't want the screw to be too big, or it will weaken the wood around it. Perhaps you cold leave the ugly metal brace as a last resort if the screw plus glue doesn't do it. Then in the worst case use two metal plates, one on each side, with bolts above and below the break.

And let Mike buy more tools. We like tools.

ol' Bob said...

could, not cold. Bphtplplth.

Mike Erickson said...

I posted on a woodworking site and got some good advice there as well. The general consensus is wood glue + dowels/screws should hold nicely.


Megan said...

I'd suggest cutting a groove into the broken edges and filling it with wood glue and "biscuits", then clamping it up for a couple days for the glue to cure.
Good luck!