Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zeke's Snack

Zeke loves his 2-wheel bike.  He's fast and he's getting really good at lifting up his feet and balancing while coasting.  One afternoon we went for a ride a little too close to Ben's nap time and Ben fell asleep in the stroller on the way home.  He must have been really tired because he never does that.  I hustled us home to get him in the crib, but we bumped into my neighbor just as I was unlocking the front door.

We exchanged pleasantries while Zeke rode up and down the hall way.  While I was chatting, I glanced down and saw Zeke sticking his finger in Ben's mouth.  Ben stayed asleep, but I gently pushed Zeke's hand away and said, "No, Zeke, let him sleep."
I turned back to the neighbor and then glanced down again and saw Zeke sticking his finger in Ben's mouth again.
"No, Zeke," I said, not as gently, "he's sleeping."  And I grasped Zeke's hand, pulled it away from Ben, and looked at it.
There was a big, dark booger half-lodged under the nail on his pointer finger.  I turned red, just imaging what my neighbor was thinking.
"Were you trying to feed Ben your booger?"  I asked him.
"Yes," he said sweetly, digging for more.
"We don't do that, okay?  You can eat your boogers, but you can't feed them to Ben."
Then, without hesitation, he sucked the boogers off his finger and rode off into the house.


luke&whit said...

This will be a good story to retell when the boys are older going on dates with girls....!! :)

Robert said...

Great to see that Zeke wanted to share with his brother....

Love Mom & Dad

Dimples :) said...

Oh my word! I just love you telling him he can eat his boogers! That's going to come back and haunt you!