Sunday, April 15, 2012


Our amazing Nursery leader served broccoli for snack today.  She deserves two gold stars for magnifying her calling.  And she reported that Zeke ate seconds and thirds, even before she pulled out the ranch dressing.  Yea!
Llellow is my favorite color.

On a related note, Zeke cooked his own breakfast twice this past week.  Here is a video from his second attempt:


Robert said...

Love that Zeke is awesome. Wonderful to have hime cook breakfast - and eat lots of broccoli. Amazing nursery leader! What were the reactions of the other children?

Love, Mom & Dad

Hi Lowe! said...

GO nursery leader GO! ah. I'd love to see that kind of snack in nursery! How'd you get her to do that? Yay Zeke for cooking breakfast! :)