Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Abinadi's Song

On Saturday night, while Mom was putting Ben to bed, Dad got this awesome video of Zeke singing and accompanying himself on the piano.


Zeke (singing):
ROAR! To.. bang and bang and bang and bang and bang, and bang, and bang bang. 
See? The leopards are banging that against the floor. Bang, bang, bang, a bang! 
So the leopards can bang each other, with the crown, make bad choices, and Heavenly Father helped him to make good choices, and he made good choices, and he was there and he didn’t wear a shirt. 

And then they talked, and the crown says, “We are a tree, and we are outside”, and down will come baby upon the treetops. When the bough breaks, a bow bah but not bang against the wall, until leopards are banging against the wall. And then here comes baby, and then he will come by a tree top, and he will wake at the bridge by a lion and a crown has a very good knee and exercise, to then he never wears a shirt, when the bough breaks on the tree tops, when the bough baby, come down the leopards, and the leopards broke that sword upon the baby lifting hitting and banging and basings oh pee pear bow bow Hi Ben! [unintelligible] And down will come baby on the pee pops.


Robert said...

A Star is born. Unbelievable lyrics, tone, stylings. And the topic was great... that guy with no shirt. Thanks for capturing this precious lite opera about Abinidi. Heavenly Father helps make good choices.

Love Mom & Dad

renée said...