Friday, December 30, 2011

Hard Time

Date:     December 30, 2011
Crime:   Assault and Battery
Victim:  Zeke

Details:   Victim was in his bedroom with Father and Perpetrator, messing around and generally resisting Father's attempts to remove Victim's pajamas and to put on daytime clothes.  Perpetrator was playing with a mechanized toy that sings and dances to "Honey, Honey."  While Father was distracted, Victim got too close to Perpetrator and Perpetrator grabbed the toy and repeatedly banged it against Victim's head, bruising the left eye and cutting it just below the eyebrow.
Report based upon testimony of Father and Victim.  Perpetrator refused to answer questions.

Perpetrator:          Ben
Conviction Date:   December 30, 2011
Sentence:             1 minute time out & stern lecture

This isn't the first time that Ben has attacked Zeke, but it is the first time he's been disciplined for it.  (It's also the first time he drew blood.)  I've had to come to some new vistas of thinking about my little baby.  For example, he's a little bit aggressive when he plays with other children and adults, and he's very, very strong.  I think it's no longer appropriate to say, "he's just a baby", and it's time to begin the never ending training about being soft, being kind, and thinking about how others feel. 


ol' Bob said...

I guess we were lucky to get out unscathed the night before. :0)

Robert said...

There was a new twist in the story - I didn't read carefully and thought the perp was Zeke. That Ben has learned alot from his brother. Scary times - this growing up.

Love Mom & Dad

Hi Lowe! said...

I LOVE those pics of the boys!!!! They are so cute! Sorry about Zeke's eye...