Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Before the Sickness

We have been sick for two weeks now.  Is it the same bug?  Is it multiples going around and around?  Bacteria? Virus?  Who knows.  It was beginning to feel like a seasonal bout of malaria.  Yesterday I gathered enough anger to rise from my delirium and I depleted a can of Lysol.  Doorknobs, counters, floors, the highchair, bathroom surfaces, light switches....
That's my cute Ben before the Sickness.  He's standing on his own regularly now, and I cheer and cheer for him and I don't think he knows why.  But he laughs and squeals and waves his hands.  It's a good time.  He's a climber too, just like Zeke and his mama.  Too bad they don't make baby harnesses.  

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