Friday, July 2, 2010

The Questions

Question 1:
What is the deal with "The Answer"?

Question 2:
Given the following string and commands, can you decode the secret message?

The String

The Commands

Instructions for decoding:
If a command is positive, count to the right that many characters. If a command is negative, count to the left that many characters. Always count from the most recent character, so that you are moving forwards and backwards along the string.

Start just off the left end of the string.

For example, the commands 3,2,-1 would yield the characters #, %, and $, and the output would be "#%$".


Kim said...

Congratulations, guys! That was a fun game.

(Is it weird that I read your blog? But I love Zeke!)

thisismike said...

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. And thanks for reading our blog, we like people who like our boy.

Here's a message from Zeke:
bfjhdj djvjbvnjb k n b g bmgmgjgj g