Monday, March 15, 2010

Road Bike!

Mike has acquired a new bike, specially chosen for his commute to work. There are white cardboard covers on most of the bike in this picture, so as not to blind you with the brilliant yellow coloring. Sheezam! Bike commuting takes considerable planning, but it'll be worth it if it gets him off those lousy freeways.
I am secretly jealous of Mike's bike commuting plan. I think that he will have tremendous bragging rights and significant personal satisfaction from actually biking 32 miles every weekday. I would also consider that an excuse for guilt-free cookie consumption. Too bad my commute is so short. There's no bragging rights for walking fifteen steps each morning to fetch my charge out of his crib.

1 comment:

ol' Bob said...

Some assembly required -- that ought to be good for some bragging rights as well.

Walking to the lad's bed may not be a big deal, but what you do the rest of the day certainly is. Commuting is just getting to the point of being useful.