Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Day At the Zoo

Yesterday we went to the Zoo with Nightingale, Gingernut and Thumbalina. It was a crazy fun time even though I think Zeke was just a little young for the experience.

I know for sure that Zeke saw the flamingos because they were pink, tall, numerous, and very loud (and a little smelly). He pointed, stared, talked and then he started mimicking the noise the birds were making. I needed video to capture the full effect. And he kept making the noise even as we walked away.
Above: Thumbalina, our expert map reader.

Other than the flamingos, Zeke noticed that the zoo is outside, there are lots of pools of water and waterfalls, there's some good dirt and many, many plants. He also noticed these stairs by the chimpanzees. It was the best exhibit for both him and Gingernut.

Thanks for a fun day, it was great to be outside!


thisismike said...

You're awesome, Tina! What a fun and challenging day.

Next, let's go to Disneyland! (In 3-4 years)

Robert said...

Great pictures... sounds like a fun time.
Love, Dad

ol' Bob said...

Have we hauled the three of you -- or at least two, if employment gets in the way -- off to the Santa Barbara Zoo yet? It's much more manageable. Anyway, your excursion looked like fun and took much courage.