Friday, September 11, 2009

Bigger Flash Disk

Mike recently made all my dreams come true by purchasing one of those flash drives that lets you plug in your camera memory card directly to the hard drive. This new drive replaces our antiquated system which involved the camera, a chord, significant battery life, and an automatic download program I despised.
Good news! The new flash drive came with a free camera memory disk with 2 GB of memory. That's double my old capacity! In celebration, I offer this pointless video:


Betty Edit said...

Mike, you would never be allowed to take a test in the Testing Center with that sort of facial hair growth.


Oh, cute video, too.

ol' Bob said...

Congratulations on the bigger card for your camera.

I also despise automatic download software and will not use such a thing.

I don't understand the new flash drive thing, so we'll have to see it sometime. Or you could take a picture.

It would be best not to say anything snarky about the word 'chord'. Someone might consider revenge, and I'm already on shaky ground because of the Lego addiction (wanna buy a brick?).

Yes, it is a cute video, and not at all pointless.

Tina said...

Ha, ha! That is hilarious! You are right - it should be cord, not chord. I default to the musical term I guess. Lousy homonyms.