Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The 10th Article of Faith

Last Sunday I taught the 10th Article of Faith song to my Primary and I used a poster board with pictures and words to help the kids learn the song. (I actually used two poster boards because this is a long song.) I put hours of work into the posters; Mike did too. I also got help from my parents, China and the Treat. My Primary kids were unimpressed. They acted bored and dutifully sang the song a few times, but failed to see the brilliance before them.
For your consideration:


thisismike said...

Does that say, "We believe in the literal Oreos of Israel... "? Delicious. That's probably one of the only good reasons to visit the Middle East.

It's a very clever poster. Ungrateful brats.

Robert said...

I think the poster is amazing!
and I love the new picture of Zeke...
Also the Nuclear option.

love dad