Thursday, November 20, 2014

Zeke's First Loose Tooth

"Wanna see the hole where my tooth was, Ben?"
"What?  What hole?"  Ben said, turning in his seat to look back at Zeke.
"There," Zeke pointed, holding his bottom lip down.  "That's where my tooth was."
Ben looks for a moment, studying what is different.  "Why'd you lose your tooth?"  he asks.  Zeke ignores this.
"And you're never gonna guess what's under my pillow right now!  I'll show it to you when we get home."
"Oh boy, Zeke!  I can't wait to see!"
"Oh yeah, you'll never guess!"
Zeke pauses for a moment, happy and excited.  "Are you thinking it's a tooth, Ben?"
"Nope," Ben says, turning back around to look out his window.  "I'm thinking it's a bazooka."

That's what I heard on the way home from preschool.  I tried so hard to remember it word for word because it made me laugh.  They continued the discussion by debating whether the tooth fairy could carry a bazooka, but Lily was crying for that part so I can't reproduce it here.

Zeke's First Tooth!
9 days of wiggling
1 happy boy 

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