Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pushing buttons

Last Friday, I heard the following conversation at least ten times:

Zeke:  We hate mom, right Ben?
Ben:   Yeah, we hate mom.  She's a criminal.
Zeke:  But we love Dad, right Ben?
Ben:   Right.

I'm pretty sure that Ben is using, "criminal" in this instance as a synonym for "Bad Guy".  And I'm pretty sure Zeke knows exactly what he's doing.
I felt better after the weekend when Mike had some solo time with the boys and he said he had been accused of being a criminal multiple times as well.



Robert said...

Such silly dialogue... where does Zeke hear these phrases? These boys love their mother. They are seeking some reaction

whopper said...

That is hilarious! I don't hear those conversations yet but they certainly do sneak around and laugh behind my back...