Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun in empty classrooms

Our ward had a picnic recently, and when we took a break from the heat to go visit the potties in our empty church building, we decided to do some wandering. I managed to snap this picture where Zeke wrote his name on chalkboard before he erased it. His name always looks like this, and if you scrunch up your eyes you can see it really says Zeke. I think it's pretty clear, but maybe that's just because he's my boy.

We then found the only thing more attracting to Zeke than a bounce-house: a microphone. I have several videos from this series, but this is probably the best one. I tried to record the prayer, but Zeke would not allow phones to be active during prayer time. In this video, he starts chewing on the microphone toward the end but nearly all of it should be understandable.

Let him know what you think.


Tina said...

He's awesome. I love how he's nervous about being in the Primary room without permission. He's such a good kid.
"Jesus loves our world"

Robert said...

Brilliant Orator... I love hearing all his speeches. He is thoughtful and entertaining. An our visit to Google today - AMazing!! Mike is great.

Love, Grandpa