Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We celebrated civil rights last Monday by going to the beach and burning some marshmallows.We piled in the car for the awesome, 5 minute drive to the beach and got an excellent parking spot on account of the weather being overcast and chilly.
Mike and Zeke chopped tinder to start the fire and Mike the Eagle Scout handled all the other aspects of fire building as well.  He stayed close to the fire pit while I took the boys down to the water.  Both boys were big fans of the water but I wasn't excited about letting Ben play in the chilly deep.  After taking Ben back to Mike to play by the much safer fire, Zeke and I spent some playtime in the tide.  Zeke and I started out just putting our toes in, but we got pretty wet.
Zeke was most pleased with the marshmallow cooking.  He called it, "camping."  After eating several marshmallows and throwing several more into the fire, he handed me his roasting stick and said, "Mama, it's your turn to go camping."

We buried Zeke in the sand.  He loved it.  
Ben attempted to clobber Zeke several times, enjoying his temporary superiority. 


Robert said...

Wow! What a fun report! I only wish that we'd gone with you to have all that fun. We could have taken a turn camping.

Love Mom & Dad

ol' Bob said...

Black and white marshmallows for civil rights day...