Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Skills

I expected that Zeke would wake up from his nap at 4:30pm. I expected that he would do his usual vocal exercises and then count his animals. (One, two, free, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, twenty!) I expected to be able to get Ben comfortably asleep in his bassinet by that time - far away from the projectiles that Zeke normally hurls at us when we go into his room together at the end of nap time.
Instead, at 4:00pm, just as Ben's eyes were drooping and I was getting ready to eat that second pumpkin chocolate chip cookie sitting on a plate next to my rocking chair, a small figure rounded the corner and surprised me.
"Hi..." I said, wondering what had just happened.
"Awake," he told me.
"Yes, you are awake," I said, still hoping it wasn't true.
"Out of crib," he told me, clutching his smurf.
"Yes. How did you get out of your crib?" I asked.
"All by myself."
And then he ate my cookie.

Zeke reports on the cookie.

Addendum: Tonight Mike and Zeke did the normal bedtime routine and Mike finally said goodnight and closed the door behind him. I had just put a sleeping Ben in the corner of the living room couch so I could get started on some dishes. Mike took a moment to visit the necessary. Suddenly, I heard Zeke's bedroom door open and the thud, thud, thud, of my toddler at a dead run. Since Ben was in an exposed position, I dropped everything and ran to protect him. Zeke zoomed right past his usual target and jumped into the (empty) rocking chair.
"Awake, " he told me, loudly.
We're in trouble.


Betty Edit said...


You're just hitting so many milestones... Congratulations?

luke&whit said...

Hmmm...pumpkin cookies. What inspiration!

Hi Lowe! said...

THAT was CUTE...Zeke saying delicious that is...not so cute about "awake." I understand the feeling.

Mike And Tina said...

zeke says so many cute things. When he drinks water, he tells us how he's a "thirsty boy".

But bed time is improving a little. We take turns sitting outside his open door and moving a few feet down the hall every 5 minutes until we round the corner and he can't see us. morning is still hard, but we're working on it.

Dimples :) said...

Were those my cookies? You weren't supposed to share with Zeke!