Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting Ready for Baby

Mike and I are much more relaxed about the arrival of our second son than we were about Zeke; we're so relaxed that we don't even have a name for him yet. However, in a mild nesting fit on Cyber Monday, I bought a new infant car seat for Thing2 and a double stroller. (Zeke's infant car seat was an awesome hand-me-down but it reached the five year mark and had to be retired. )
As you can see in the picture, Zeke is thrilled about the double stroller. No, really. The camera just missed a terrific smile. He was less excited when I put the baby doll in the front seat - he thought that his Snowman doll should go there instead. The baby doll is supposed to represent Thing2 and help Zeke prepare for Thing2's arrival. Zeke is not entirely on board with the program. For example, he put the baby doll in the new car seat and tried to buckle in the doll and then he promptly sat on the doll and told me it was Zeke's seat.
Oh, well. If we can't be fully prepared at least we can be calm.


thisismike said...

Our stroller appears to have no wheels. If you find this disturbing, you can rest assured that the stroller incorporates Landspeeder technology that allows it to hover above the ground.

The name of the Cabbage-Patch kid is Zachary. We will not name Thing2 Zachary because then we would have Zeke and Zak, and that simply will not do.

luke&whit said...

Is that a double cup holder in front? Wow...Thing 2 gets to double fist!