Monday, November 22, 2010

Official Christmas Kickoff

Last Saturday we attended a Holiday Season Opening Ceremony (aka StartBuyingLikeCrazy'CauseWeHaveStuffToSell) at an outdoor mall just north of here. The ad in the paper said that it was going to be a festive event with live music and dancing performances and an "architectural tree" lighting event.
Mike said that he would rather have gone to Target.

We ditched the event before it was done and took a stroll down the Promenade. Zeke loved the fountains and would have happily thrown himself in, even though it was rather chilly outside.
I saw a man playing an Arhoo - exactly like the one I brought back from China - and his music did not sound like dying, tortured cats. Not good enough for me to buy his CD, but quite commendable for an Arhoo.


ol' Bob said...

Arhoo? Might be a good Scrabble word if it doesn't need to be capitalized. Or a joke word. How arhoo? You arhoo?

Reminds me of the old Isuzu ad. "Would you like to see my ... arhoo?"

You'll have to demonstrate yours for us sometime.

Hi Lowe! said...

China? wow. What were you doing there? What's an Arhoo? google search didn't give me anything reliable...

Hi Lowe! said...

I love Zeke's crown! hahhah!