Monday, October 11, 2010

October? Huh?

An exhausted Zeke shows us he is ready for naptime.

We are all moved in. As long as you don't count the fifteen or so boxes that are taking up space in my bedroom. I think at the end of October I'll sell each box for $5, just to get rid of them, and market each as a "Surprise Box!". It'll be a surprise for us because we don't really know what's in them, and a surprise for the new owner because maybe they really need random pictures of our family or general office supplies and a collection of random paperbacks.
I miss many things about the old apartment, but I'm trying to forget all that stuff. Well, I'm going to write it all down in a journal so I can remember it for the next time we move, but then I'm going to forget it. There are some things I'm trying to "forget" about our new apartment too: the airport noise, the number of keys I have to carry around at all times to be able to get from point A to point B within the complex, the proliferation of snotty DogPeople. There was an open house yesterday for one of the units just down the hall from us. Asking price was $450k. We're definitely not interested.


ol' Bob said...

Come on -- everyone needs boxes in the garage. You're just getting started.

Hi Lowe! said...

I'll take one! =)