Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I made Animal Crackers for Zeke!
A good friend gave me awesome cookie cutters for Christmas and I finally got around to trying them. The elephant was the hardest to keep in one piece - I don't think any elephants were complete. The tigers and the lions were structurally sturdier and turned out better.
Zeke doesn't really like the crackers/cookies, not that he told me so much, just that every time I give him one he sucks on it until it becomes gooey and then smears it around on the closest surface.
As for taste, Grandma said they would need more sugar if she was going to eat them but Gingernut and Thumbelina seemed to think they were pretty tasty.


ol' Bob said...

A good layer of frosting can overcome many sugar deficiencies.

Whitney said...

Oh my word those are fantastic! I wish I could come play during the day instead of working...I am missing out on the best stuff!

thisismike said...

Those really are amazing crackers. And I'm pretty sure that he loves them, because every time that cupboard is open and Zeke can see the clear container with the crackers, he points and makes a lot of definite noises.

And, I've eaten them. They are delicious.

Dimples :) said...

They were beautiful and tasty! Great job Tina!