Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little Man

Zeke is one!
His actual birthday was generally unrecognized. I sang birthday songs to him all day from the Children's songbook and I made sure we got to a park when it wasn't raining, but, other than that, we did nothing special.
We had an official birthday celebration on Saturday with all of our family members who could attend. We relocated to Grandma's house (thanks Grandma!) because of the rain, but that was probably better anyway, because I had never thrown a birthday party for a child before and there were many unforeseen issues that would have been unsolvable out at a park.

I think the best moment was when I was holding Zeke and the candle was lit and we were all singing to him. He looked around the room with a crazy smile, not sure why everyone was singing, but happy that it was so. He's a fun little boy. And he loved the cake. (Thanks Grandma!)


ol' Bob said...

And he licked the platter clean. It was a very fine party.

Having two grandmothers referred to as Grandma without differentiation could be confusing. I know how much precise language is valued by those who practice the legal profession.

The Larsens said...

the cake was so cute! the picture of zeke licking his plate was even cuter!! glad you had a good party.