Monday, December 7, 2009


I am not one for trips to the hair salon. I have traditionally enjoyed growing my hair long even though I do not always make good use of it. (My favorite hairstyle is the Ponytail. My second favorite is the Severe Bun.)
Last Wednesday I went to a savvy beautician and asked for a rather daring cut. It turned out to be slightly too daring for me at first, but after the initial shock wore off I fell in love with the convenience and simplicity of short hair. Here is a picture of what was cut off - the ruler along the side is there to show how long the braids are (approx. 11 - 12 inches).
Thanks Nightengale - now Zeke can't pull my hair. And I got tons of compliments last Sunday. =)


Barbara Jackson said...

Pictures please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Larsens said...

Hello....We want to see the new do!

ol' Bob said...

The "new do" looks good. There's enough of a change that even an old fuddy-duddy like me noticed it. I didn't realize so much was cut off, though.

Nicole said...

I love it!!!!! Eli thought it was so cute.