Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jug Band

I am the Primary Chorister at church and I have been having lots of fun thinking of ways to entertain my Primary - er, I mean - teach and review songs. For today I organized a Jug Band to come and help us review the song, "Beautiful Savior". I was very nervous about the event because I'd never done a full 20 minute singing time on just one song - we usually sing 12-15 songs during singing time. But the members of the Jug Band were promised that they would only have to play one song, and that they would not have to attend any practices.
It was fabulous! Here is a picture of some of the band...

You can see our pianist, the guitar player in the back, me (in the green shirt), our flutist, the next guy is the one playing the jug (blocked by the music stand) and our trumpeter. Here is the rest of the band:
Here you see the Jug player again (far right, the jug is on his knee), then the trumpeter, then Mike! playing bongos with Mr. Zeke's help, and Awesome Elder on the end. Awesome Elder played auxiliary percussion, which included kazoo, wood sticks, and the triangle. He often played all of these at the same time, which the kids loved. Each time we sang the song I picked two reverent children, or two children who had demonstrated knowledge of the lyrics of the song, to join the band and help Awesome Elder with the auxiliary percussion. He had three of each instrument so it was mostly delicious chaos.
The band members were paid in cookies, so it was even a professional Jug Band.


thisismike said...

Awesome idea for entertaining the Primary kids! And it got us out of the boring 5th Sunday presentation we would have normally experienced.

I don't think I got my cookies. I will gladly accept cookies later.

The jug band was a big hit, even with the senior primary. Fun times!

ol' Bob said...


Robert said...

I need a recording. Sounds like an outstanding event.

love, Dad

ol' Bob said...

Mike appears to be playing Zeke.